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29 April 2009
Siesta Show Webisode 55 - More Spanish lessons 'in Colour'

Today we have another ever popular 'Learn Spanish with Susan' webisode, and for this interactive lesson she teaches us how to talk about colours and also what to say if we like and dislike different ones.

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Gareth Griffith said:
29 April 2009 @ 18:50

Nice to learn some of the colours. What about black, grey, purple, brown and sky blue pink? How would you say "striped" "spotted" "checked"?
What about hair colours?
I'm not really complaining........it's good to get a bit of free tuition/revision.

John Doyle said:
29 April 2009 @ 19:03

Thank you for a very enjoyable lesson !

Anthony said:
29 April 2009 @ 23:28

Lets see Gareth, will this do,black negra,grey gris also silver, as in cars,purple morado,brown maron,sorry but to me it's pink rosa or blue azul,i do not know what colour sky blue pink is? light blue,azul claro,or ? striped black and white negra con rayas blanco,but rayos is lightening as in thunder and...spotted de puntos[of points] checked a cuadros, and as for hair colour well don't use it, but i guess light brown maron claro, dark brown maron oscuro, and so on,but i will look and see for you !!!

Anthony said:
30 April 2009 @ 09:50

Well Gareth, i have cheched on your hair colours, and if say you want to be blond,as in english they have about 10 differing shades all done by numbers,the picture on the box will give you a guide...the rest is up to you....get dying....

Tidge said:
30 April 2009 @ 16:50

el lila & el naranja - does that mean all colours take the masculine 'el' ?

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