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Learning Spanish with Speekee - A Review

I am aware that many of you are learning Spanish and I know what it’s like. You attend a couple of hours a week or you try to listen to CDs and you think that you are grasping it only to find that hardly any of the Spanish that you have learnt, including the verb tables, serves your daily needs. You are dying to communicate and feel frustrated. It just seems like an overwhelming impossible task to take on when you have so many other things going on in your life. It might be that, as a family, you want to learn to prepare yourself for your move. If your children are going to attend a Spanish school it is even more important that they grasp the essentials so that they aren’t completely thrown in at the deep end. Perhaps, you are a grandparent that realises the necessity of learning foreign languages and would like to support your grandchildren in their education.

As an English teacher with a Masters degree in Linguistics, I consider myself to be fairly qualified to decide what makes a good language course. Last month I was sent a children’s product called Speekee so naturally I thought “What’s this all about then?” I sat down with my five year old twins to watch and I have to say I was hooked and so were they. It is so engaging and colourful but most importantly authentic. The catchy songs will have you singing to yourself (in Spanish) all day.

The learning pack comprises of four DVDs, an audio CD and a colourful book which explains the concept, is laid out in a logical format and is full of tips that only a true expert in language learning would know about. It gives perfect advice on how parents can help their children to learn Spanish whilst learning at the same time. It employs everything that today’s experts know are the most effective techniques in learning a language. Learning a language is about little and often and actually absorbing the language. One of my favourite tips featured in the book is “Create a Spanish learning corner at home, with books, posters…”The emphasis is all about enhancing the learning experience.

Now, although this product has been designed for children, it  could equally be used by adults as it covers those daily basics that you need in using the techniques that encourage you to acquire Spanish subconsciously rather than approach it like a chore. Don’t be put off because it is aimed at children as sometimes you have to think outside the box where learning Spanish is concerned. It’s the technique that counts. Speekee techniques include breaking the language down into manageable chunks, repetition and then piecing it all together. In fact, all I can say is “Please make this product in German, Italian, Japanese and every other modern language” . I just feel annoyed that this kind of material wasn’t around when I started leaning Spanish!

With a product such as Speekee there is no excuse for people not to learn Spanish as this is so user friendly and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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