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Sotogrande - An Exclusive Residential Enclave

Although it doesn't look like it now, 50 years ago Sotogrande was nothing more than a beautifully wild stretch of rugged, mountainous Mediterranean coastline some 27 km. west of Gibraltar. Now it's one of the most exclusive residential developments in the whole of Spain, if not Europe.In the early 1960s, an American Venture Capitalist named Joseph McMicking was searching for the ideal place to create his planned luxurious residential development by the Mediterranean.

Sotogrande MarinaHe chose Sotogrande and purchased five neighbouring farms covering a total of 20 square kilometres reaching from the shores of the Mediterranean deep into the surrounding foothills of the Sierra Almenara mountain range and set about building his dream.

These days the development is administered by the NH Hotels chain and although it's still blessed with outstanding natural beauty, it also boasts wide palm-lined avenues, an artificial lake, a luxury marina and various 5-star luxury hotels.

It also home to some 5 golf courses, (including the world-famous Valderrama and San Roque courses), plus two world-famous Polo fields, two Tennis and Padel Tennis Clubs, two Beach Clubs (Cucurucho, Octogano) a Kayak/Sailing Club and last but by no means least, a horse riding centre.

It's also thought of as a bit of an architectural showcase, with property styles varying from traditional Andalucian to mid-century and cutting edge 21st century villas, townhouses and apartments.

And with two prestigious polo fields within its borders, it´s also home to many large country estates dedicated to all things equestrian.

Although Sotogrande can be quiet over the winter months, it's popularity as a summer residence for discerning Spanish and foreign owners alike means it truly comes alive in the summer.



Very nice but is there a more souless and boring place in Spain / Europe. Visited at the end of May last year and a cemetary was lively in comparison.31/03/2010 11:15:00WF
around the marina is pleasant enough in season. the whole place is a sterile bourgeois ghetto otherwise.31/03/2010 12:52:00DAK
Must agree with the above comments. Anybody buying there has to be a sad individual and visitors should be aware of the rip off prices - €5 for a pint as an example.31/03/2010 14:39:00WF
RACISM IN SOTOGRANDE. WHY ARE PEOPLE FROM THE PHILIPPINES DRIVEN OUT OF THE SMALL PARK AREA ON THEIR DAY OFF BY SOMEONE TURNING THE WATER SYSTEM ON, THIS HAPPENS EVERY THURDAY AND SUNDAY. Alas my wife and I got wet as we where sat in the park along with a lady who had a new baby with her, I find this act to be revolting and vile against other people.24/08/2012 03:01:00Ron Nolan