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Moving to Spain - Getting Ready

When planning your move to Spain, the first thing you must remember is to take what you really need and love. Even after the biggest clearout , you’d be surprised how quickly you can fill a Luton van.

If you are planning a permanent move, simplify your life by taking the most essential objects, not much more than a two week holidays worth is sufficient as you will soon find that you have wasted money shipping unnecessary items. You may filter out so many of your belongings that you consider hiring a van and doing a round trip. Of course, this would only be doable if you were bringing the most essential items as loading and unloading is very hard work alone!

On the build up to your move it is advisable to get rid of the following:

Books that you’ve read and won’t be reading again in the near future.

Clothes and shoes that you haven’t worn in the last six months.

Pictures and ornaments, unless they are valuable.

Most furniture, what it costs to transport, you can buy new.

Old toys, give them to your local hospital.

Just before moving:

Arrange for a local charity to collect unwanted furniture e.g Home Start

Redirect your mail to your new address via The Post Office

Give banks and credit card companies your new address

Inform the utilities companies

Cancel subscriptions to magazines etc.

Cancel direct debits

Contact you local car insurer for a copy of your no claims bonus.

When packing, take note of the following:

Make sure you have plenty of boxes, marker pens, bubble wrap, newspaper and tissues.

Avoid overloading boxes.

Try to pack like items with like e.g all toys, DVDs together etc.

Make sure each box is identifiable with a marker pen.

All valuables should travel with you e.g jewellery

Label boxes with fragile contents.

Cost Saving Summary:

Take the minimum that you will need to start your new life in Spain especially if you are moving to temporary furnished rental accommodation.

Consider moving yourself.

Be flexible with dates as this can save up to 50% of shipping costs by being ‘part load’, sharing with other deliveries.

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Great tips! I wonder, is there anyone who can advise me in depth about transferring social benefits from the UK to Spain. My parents want to move here and they get a regular state pension but we also want to know if benefits like Attendance Allowance (my Mother gets for being my Fathers' carer) is transferrable. Also, what is the case with the Pensions Credits - is there a similar system available in Spain that my parents might be entitled to...? 23/01/2007 20:59:00HP
HP - Age Concern have factsheets and information dedicated to pensioners moving to Spain, as it is so popular. Give them a try for free information24/01/2007 20:28:00alantracey
Check out my blog "Move To Spain Made Easy", it might be helpful too :D 30/12/2009 03:15:00Carla