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Eco-Friendly Holidays

As we continue to successfully reduce our carbon emissions, it would seem that the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ has resounding meanings. It’s never been easier to be good to the environment – recycling, car sharing and even hybrid cars are becoming part of everyone’s lifestyles.  For those who feel particularly passionate about the environment, however, one time of year can seem particularly challenging – holidays.
With the eco-unfriendliness of planes and the cloudiness over which hotels are friendly to the atmosphere, holidays can be a minefield of environmental woes. If you care for the environment and don’t want to undo all your hard work with a holiday, rest assured that there are some green options available to you:


Ecotourism is becoming a tradition is Australia – it has conservation areas and protected marine sites, and many opportunities to get involved in conservation projects. It offers many eco experiences to tourists, with lush rainforests and untouched beaches, unique plants and unspoiled wilderness – and many eco hotels to stay in.

Bioclimatic home TenerifeTenerife

Almost half of this island is protected under the designation of national, natural or rural park. There is also something particularly special here for tourists as an alternative to all inclusive holidays to Tenerife, as they can stay in specially developed "bioclimatic" homes. These homes have been recently constructed and offer the crème dela crème of environmental friendliness.
Using several technologies to overcome sustainability issues, the houses have thick walls, solar panels, underground rooms, light sensors and wind-powered air conditioning. The houses themselves are built from recycled materials and the water comes straight from the sea. As well as being so functional, the houses are beautifully designed, modern-looking and situated in stunning surroundings.
Each house is also fitted with sensors for scientists to measure temperature, air movement and humidity. This will indicate which houses are performing best, so that they can be replicated.


Iceland is known for getting almost all of its power from renewable sources. With roaring rivers being the optimum source of hydroelectic power, it’s no wonder it’s often ranked at the very top of lists of the most environmentally friendly countries. Sweden Sweden invests heavily into its clean environments, and lists top for Northern Europe in the green stakes. With clean energy sources and environmentally-friendly rail networks, this makes for a great green destination.
Of course, you can also select your next holiday destination by the transport required to get there. There are plenty of places in reach without having to board a plane, it just depends on how much you want the journey to be part of the adventure.




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