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So Many Cities To Visit In Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada mapYou will find that your holiday to Costa Dorada will include a visit to cities such as Xerta, Falset, Reus, Valls and La Cava. You can enjoy a day visiting all these cities and more if you have time. There are over forty cities to visit, but these are a few that will give you a feel for the culture and the customs of Spain. There is always something to do and somewhere to be. The city of Xerta is has a picturesque view of the Moorish Weir. The view of this area is spectacular and the Moorish Weir is over one thousand years old.

Bellestar has some interesting historical buildings as well as the beautiful views of the mountains. The caves are located just on the outskirts of Benifallet. They are beautiful with all the stalactites and stalagmites. You could spend a day in this area and see the other things around the area. The caves were only discovered in the 60's, so they are considered a unique adventure in Benifallet. If you want to see the paintings in the hills, you can go to La Pietat in Ulledocona. These areas are something everyone should see.

Many visitors enjoy a day or two of bicycling around the mountains. The view of the River Ebro is spectacular as well as the mountains. You will see things in the mountains that you would not see if you were not on bicycles. The mountain villages are quaint and the people are friendly. Barcelona and Tarragona are two popular places to visit. The Tarragona is overlooking the sea. It is a beautiful sight to see. The coastline in Costa Dorada is considered the golden coast and for good reason. The coast is beautiful with the golden sands and the blue waters as background.

In Tarragona, you can walk along the wall, which was once over forty miles long. The wall has deteriorated over the years, but is still something intriguing to see. The aqueduct and amphitheatre are also two places to visit. The shopping and little caf├ęs are unique and you can find just about anything. The city of Tortosa has a beautiful view of the Castle of the Suda. The market is one place visitors like to shop. You will find almost everything imaginable at the open market. You will have plenty of time to browse around and find something that interests you.

In Barcelona, you could visit the City History Museum and the Gothic Cathedral. The medieval quarter is impressive and has so much history to see. The architecture and historical buildings in Barcelona will make the trip worth it. As with any vacation, you want to enjoy a few days at the beach and a few days seeing the attractions. You can enjoy doing both with your cheap holidays to Costa Dorada any time of the year. You will find the cuisine delicious and the music in the streets enjoyable to listen too. There is always something for everyone.



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