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Eye on Spain Newsletter 17 April 2007

Dear EOS Member 

Welcome back to our regular newsletter.  If feels like ages since our last proper one.  Hope you like the new look and that you'll continue to find it of great interest.  By the way, you may need to click the "view images" button or link to view the newsletter properly

Just a quick update as to what's happening here. We're planning to become less reliant on advertising on the website (to maintain our independance) and moving towards actually creating our own products that will benefit yourselves as well as the website.  We're particularly looking forward to a series of e-books that we're going to be producing, the first of which may even be ready this week.

We've got lots of new ideas and improvements for Eye on Spain and I really hope that you'll continue to enjoy and support the website.

Anyway, on with today's articles.

A Year in the Life of the President - Part 7 
We've all really enjoyed Rob's series of articles about his experience as president of his community in Spain.  I'm sad to say that this will probably be the last article from Rob.  Dry your eyes and click the link to read the article.
Read Rob's last instalment...

A Brief Guide to Almeria City 
We hope to be bringing you regular brief extracts about different parts of Spain.  This week we take a brief look at the city of Almeria.
Read the article...

Horizontal Property Act - Part 6 
Our brilliant legal contributor, Maria de Castro, this week continues her series of articles on the horizontal property laws governing Spanish communities.  Can the agreements of the general meeting be opposed?  Read Maria's answers...
Read the article...

Spain - So Just How Much are we Talking About? 
Mark Wilkins takes a long and interesting look at whether life in Spain could be significantly cheaper here in Spain than the UK, and for whom. 
Read Mark's analysis...

Pete's Tale - To be a Pilgrim 
If you've been following the tale of Pete's life in the "wilds of Extremadura" then you're bound to enjoy his latest instalment about back-packers going round in circles. 
Read Pete's tale... 

Website of the week 
Wondering where to go in Spain or what to do?  Discover places to visit and plan your routes at www.spain.info.
View the website of the week...

That's all for today. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you soon.

Un saludo

Justin Aldridge

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Hope you like the new look newsletter.  We've got lots of ideas to make it more and more interesting as we go along.  Stay with us!

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