Eye on Spain Newsletter 12 December 2008

Buenos dias 

Yes, you read that right. That "secret" I've been telling you about for weeks, I couldn't hold it in any longer!

Over the past few months we've been laying plans for our very own Internet TV show! We've been really excited about this project and for good reason. It's going to be huge, fun and exciting and we're launching it in January. We're all set to go!

I'm not going to give all the details out now but let's just say that everyone with whom we've shared our plans with, they've gone away even more excited about it than ourselves. We can't wait. We'll give you more details in our January newsletter but we've got BIG plans for 2009.

Also, just wanted to say thank you to all those that have expressed an interest in sponsoring Eye on Spain and our TV show. We have finalised the details of this package and we'll be contacting everyone next week.

I'll be back before Christmas just to wish everyone a great Christmas. Right, let's move on with this month's articles...

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Spanish Telly At Christmas
Christmas is a time of celebration, eating vast amounts of food and having fun with your family around you...and watching countless hours of TV! If you're going to be in Spain over Christmas have a read of what you can expect to see on the box.
Read about Christmas TV...

Moneycorp - Beating The Credit Crunch
Sponsored link: Don't let the credit crunch get the better of your hard-earned money. If you're sending money to Spain then use Moneycorp to ensure you get the best exchange rate for your transfer. Regular mortgage and pension plan transfers available too.
Find our more about what we do...

Old Style Living In Spain
Open fires and no central heating in the winter and the front doors left open on sunny days. Neighbours have chairs out the front and keep a watchful eye for anything or anyone unusual whilst they gossip over the garden fence. You can see children play hopscotch and skip in the street with their friends. Is this Spain or sixties Britain?
Read about living the old fashioned way...

Crisis - So What's New?
Nick Snelling is the author of a new book "Taking the Heat" based on his life in Spain. Here he takes a rather light hearted look at the current "crisis" in Spain and realises that maybe it isn't really a crisis at all!
Read Nick's extract...

10 Good Reasons To Visit Spain
In the current economic climate one can be forgiven for being all negative about Spain. But there is still much that makes Spain a very appealing country to visit any time of the year. Read these 10 good reasons to come and visit Spain.
Absorb the 10 good reasons...

In Times Of Recession Some Imagination Is Needed - Option To Buy
Maria de Castro looks at a way to work around the problems being faced by those trying to sell their property in Spain and by those who can't quite afford to buy yet, or are holding off a little. Maybe it's time to consider a rent-to-buy contract which is now supported by the national government.
Read Maria's advice...

Top Tips For Insuring Unoccupied Holiday Homes In Spain
As thousands of Spanish holiday home owners lock up and leave their homes for winter, holiday home insurance experts Schofields are urging owners to make sure they understand what is covered and what is excluded whilst their properties are left empty.
Find out more about being covered...

Alicante and the Realities of Retiring to Sunny Spain
You're approaching retirement and probably looking forward to relaxing in the sun after years of dedicating yourself to supporting a family. But are you really aware of what you are letting yourself in for?
Read about retiring to Alicante...

Can I Get an NIE Number Whilst In The UK?
If you are buying a property in Spain then you will need what's known as an NIE number. The process of getting an NIE number is easy but can be time consuming. Here's some advice to hopefully make it that bit easier for you.
Read about getting your NIE number...

That's all for today. See you soon.

Un saludo

Justin Aldridge

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We haven't forgotten about the community fees survey. There's just so much data we're struggling to see how to present it all to you! We're nearly there.

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