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Buenas tardes
Justin in Barcelona - Enable images to view
I'm back! I've been a bit absent over the past couple of weeks. I had a bit of a run-in with a tick (loads of them around at the moment) and I spent a few days with the family in Italy, which was great.

Since I got back it seems to have gotten a lot busier around here. It's nice to see the tourists around and I'm sure the local businesses will be very happy to see them too. Local businesses need a good summer so fingers crossed for them.

Now, enjoy this week's stories and remember to keep sending us your articles to publish. Have a great week.



Enable images to view this 9 Reasons Why Spain Is A Dead Economy Walking
So will the EU step up and bail out Spain? Well, there are rumors that EU officials have begun work on a bailout package for Spain which is likely to run into the hundreds of billions of dollars, but last month the European Commission, the Spanish government and the German government all denied that the European Union was preparing a bailout for the Spanish economy.

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Best Car Hire Rates With Eye on Spain
If you're travelling to Spain this summer and haven't yet booked your hire car then try out the Eye on Spain car hire search facility, which searches through hundreds of car hire providers.

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June Currency Review of Euro Vs Sterling - Things Are Looking Up
The peak for sterling during 2009 was the €1.19 it achieved in late June. Prior to that the last time it saw €1.19 was during its precipitous tumble almost to parity with the euro in November 2008. Now it is back up there, having a serious look at an upward break that could set it on its way to the mid 1.20’s. It is possible? Or will the gravity that has troubled it for nearly three years drag it back to earth once more?

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The Lighter Side of Spain - Laughing Donkey
Stephen Reid returns this week with another of his popular fictional stories based in Spain. Stephen's stories are a great way to enjoy the lighter side of Spain, especially with so much negativity these days! Enjoy the story.

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Walk the Balearics
Many people are now happy to travel abroad for their walking holidays and remove the weather threat from back home. Places like the Austrian Alps and Germany's Harz Mountains are popular, as are the Balearic islands of Mallorca and Menorca which both have some amazing hiking terrain.

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10 Interesting Facts About Madrid
Madrid has been officially declared as one of the "greenest" cities in Europe. However, greenery is not its only pride. There are a lot of interesting facts about the multi-cultural, second to none Madrid. Some of the unknown facts about this beautiful city are...

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Maria's Top Legal Advice From Last 7 Days
Every week we bring you the top legal blog posts made by Maria de Castro of Costa Luz Lawyers (www.costaluzlawyers.es). Hope you find this useful and of interest.

Moneycorp: Get The Best Exchange Rates Transferring Your Money To Spain
Sponsored Message: If you're sending money to Spain, or back to the UK, then use Moneycorp to ensure you get the best exchange rates for your transfers. Great rates on regular mortgage payments and pension plan transfers available too.

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Popular Forum Discussions From Last 7 Days

Sell Your Spanish Property
SPONSORED MESSAGE: Eye on Spain offers a cost-effective way to help you sell your Spanish property. It allows you to sell your property privately so you have no commissions to pay and therefore you can market it at a lower price. In January 2010 we generated over 300 enquiries for our 600 properties!

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