Eye on Spain Newsletter 4 November 2008

Buenos dias 

In this issue:

  • 16 Great Tips For People Thinking Of Moving To Spain
  • The Absence Of Women In Spanish Bars
  • Result Of Building Standards Survey
  • Spanish Troglodytes - Cave Houses Of Guadix
  • Valencia, A Modern Jewel Of A City In The Mediterranean
  • Pamplona Tourist Information

Just a couple of introductory points today.

Firstly, we've got an important announcement that we're making next week. It concerns the future of the newsletter so you'll want to read it!

Secondly, the 50% discount offer on Lisa's ace ebook on renting out your property in Spain is finishing this Thursday. So make sure you hurry before the price goes up. Only a couple of days left at the super low price.  Get Lisa's ebook today.

By the way, some people told us about the issue with the PayPal screen coming up in Spanish. We have now (more-or-less) fixed that so you should see it in English. If you have any other issues with the ebook please let me know.

OK, I said a couple of points but I also wanted to mention that we've put up the beginnings of our Spain webcams directory. It's got a funky user-interface. Let me know what you think. We've got loads of webcams to add so it should be really good when it's finished.

Without any further ado let's move on with this week's articles.

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16 Great Tips For People Thinking Of Moving To Spain
If you're considering moving to Spain then Mark Eastwood has some great tips to make your move that little bit easier. From experience, ANY tips you can pick up can only help to make the move as trouble-free as possible.
Read Mark's tips...

Moneycorp - Beating The Credit Crunch
Sponsored link: Don't let the credit crunch get the better of your hard-earned money. If you're sending money to Spain then use Moneycorp to ensure you get the best exchange rate for your transfer. Regular mortgage and pension plan transfers available too.
Find our more about what we do...

The Absence Of Women In Spanish Bars
You don't notice it so much on the coasts but certainly in the bars in the villages you don't seem to see any women in them. Are they not allowed in or is it just not the done thing?
What's going on in Spanish bars...

Result Of Building Standards Survey
Roy Howitt of InspectaHomeSpain recently compiled a survey of over 700 properties that he's inspected in Spain. Do you think building standards have gone up or down since his last survey?
Read the survey results...

Spanish Troglodytes - Cave Houses Of Guadix
Yes, there are people that still live in caves in Spain...but they're not your normal caves! These "cave houses" are literally built into the rock and they are simply amazing. They have been very sought after over the past few years with many being reformed to a very high spec.
Read about cave houses...

Valencia, A Modern Jewel Of A City In The Mediterranean
Valencia is one of Spain's great cities - the third largest city, after Madrid and Barcelona. Many tourists from all over Spain and the world visit Valencia and one of the things that make this city so famous is because of Las Fallas festival.
Read more about Valencia...

Pamplona Tourist Information
Pamplona is situated in the northeast of Spain, and is capital of the Navarra region. Most people know the city because of the 'Running of the Bulls', as immortalised by Ernest Hemingway in his novel, The Sun Also Rises
Read about Pamplona...

That's all for today. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you soon.

Un saludo

Justin Aldridge

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