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09 Jul 2019 11:38 by fab Star rating. 58 forum posts Send private message

I wish to inform people who may be flying in through corvera airport and hiring a car from Gold Car RentaL


We hired a car from them, having never used them before, last week, for 5 days. When we arrived they tried very hard to sell us their insurance before they would hand over the we travel regularly into murcia we  have our own insurance and so we declined their insurance.

When we returned the car 5 days later and the Gold Car person checked the car, they tried to say that there was damage  to The side panel. We refuted this strongly and took pictures.. there is no damage. Several people around also had a look and couldn’t see any damage either. The woman who reported it refused to talk to us and walked off , we then went into the Gold Car office and the two guys in there also refused to deal with the situation. We were told to come back in the morning!!!!! We were at the airport as we had a flight to catch. 

On arriving home I have been doing some research and google reviews etc... It turns out that this is a total scam and all they want  to do is take money from our card. There are lots of people who have had the same problem, being charged for  alleged ‘damage’ . 

Gold Car are in fact owned by Europe Car and we will be taking our complaint further.

So if, by posting this information it prevents one  other person from  going through the stress and worry of dealing with this scamming, cheating company then it gives me some comfort. 

It is disgusting that this company is allowed to operate and I would urge Corvera Management to discontinue any alliance with them and put a local reputable hire car company in their place.. They are disgusting.

Please spread the word... DO NOT HIRE A CAR FROM GOLD CAR or you risk the, helping the,selves to your money for made up ‘damage’ 


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10 Jul 2019 07:10 by dcp21 Star rating in Connah's Quay. 5 forum posts Send private message

Interrent also same company. Q - Did they also charge you a supplement for airport pick-up, 35€?


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13 Jul 2019 18:27 by ads Star rating. 3840 forum posts Send private message

20 Jul 2019 17:54 by windtalker Star rating. 1576 forum posts Send private message

Inter rent / Gold car is the same company on our last two car rentals we have been charged a extra €45 for the first rental and a further €65 on a second rental ..we cannot get a answer from Do you Spain car hire/Broker as to why we had these extra charges so we have handed the complaint over to the credit card company apparently the card company have given them 30 days to respond or they will pay us the money back.


This message was last edited by windtalker on 20/07/2019.

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