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13 May 2009 00:00 by Dancing 703 Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message


Can anyone come up with a constructive way forward to get our money back ?

it seems to me that the end of OVP is very close and that when it is finally wound up we will never see our money returned.

My veiw is that after reading the letter from the insolvency service I would be surprised if any investor would be classified as a creditor/contributor  so therefore will not be allowed to attend or vote at the meeting on the 5 june. The only option I see is to send the form back and attatch a letter explaning that the money we sent to OVP was, we were told, being held in an account controlled jointly by OVP/developer and that we have no means of verifing where the money is.

Is there any way to find out what has happened to this money ? it can't  just disappear without trace, I can't see much help coming from the insovency service or the the police regarding this matter they have there own agenda's which will probally not help us.

Can solicitors/private investigators help has anyone asked?

I know that maybe this posting is just a waste of time but I need to come to terms with the fact that options are about exhausted and to try to move on from this finacial disaster.




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13 May 2009 10:51 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

Hi Dancing 703

Rory2 very helpfully got an answer from a lawyer and posted it on the previous thread. The answer is to make your claim and state your facts and why your money was not supposed to be part of the trading assets of the company. Inform the insolvency service and the police of thel fact and that your money is as good as stolen as they will not return it and according to the information the director has given to the Insolvancy Service he is making no mention of any accounts with said deposit money in it. (the IS/Police need as many complaints as possible - many will not know of the problems)

We know what money the account was paid into and can give the sort code and account number and name to the Fraud Squad and the Insolvency Service which I suggest you do. The conduct of the director, shareholder and key employees must be questioned and if we do this there is a legal oblgation (I think) for the IS to investigate the matter.

Call Dean H and the Insolvency Service - his number is there and he can be contacted with ease.

I guess the money is gone/tied up on other ventures/a bit of both. Do review any legal advice given at the time of purchase (to ensure it was sufficient and well done to protect you as a buyer) and contact me via PM's if you want to discuss it further.



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13 May 2009 10:58 by wilma Star rating. 49 forum posts Send private message


I think you will find that the problems with OV and the lack of return of deposits goes a lot further, more to the developer himself. I have been keeping an eye on other forum sites like singing pig & marbella lawyers. The Puta Perla site is another of Ricardo Miranda's which is now under investigation in the Dom Rep. Another site not yet built just like EBCC & Taffenda Bay. Please see letter below that has been sent by the Domincian Watchdog to Punta Perla Rep's. This also mentions the issues with OV. So where is all this money... thousands  of investors with NO properties.!!!

Is Punta Perla in the Domincian Republic one BIG scam? Dominican Watchdog is investigating it now!

Here is a copy of Dominican Watchdog's email to the Punta Perla representatives as of today MAY 12th, 2009


Dear Eva Sortes,

Punta Perla Caribbean Golf, Marina & Spa, S.A.
Glorieta de Rubén Darío 3, 4º Izquierdo
28010 Madrid, SPAIN


Please update me on the repeatedly postponed real estate development Punta Perla - investors are anxious to know the truth! I understand you are the person responsible for investor relations?

The official websites for www.puntaperla.com and www.puntaperlasales.com are both CLOSED!

Please make sure this email also reach Mr. Ricardo Miranda Miret , because I can not find contact details for him. Mr Miranda is extremely well known for leaving a lot of investors stranded in Spain. He has now unveiled a "new" development; Punta Perla with Prince Albert of Monaco in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Miranda also claims he returned the money to OceanView according to this article....... I have so many questions for him!



More about Oceanview Properties International Ltd 

The Official Receiver is conducting an investigation into the collapse of Oceanview Properties International Ltd, and a letter to creditors has been sent out with a request for all relevant information.

Staffordshire Police, the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London Police have been working closely with the Insolvency Service in respect of allegations made concerning the activities of the company and its officers. Further meetings between these agencies have been scheduled to review the findings and consider any evidence of criminal conduct within the UK.

Any creditor wishing to register their claim with the Insolvency Service should provide their details prior to the creditors meeting to be held on 5 June 2009.

They can do this either in writing to The Case Administrator, The Insolvency Service, Public Interest Unit (North), 3 Piccadilly Place, London Road, Manchester, M1 3BN, or by ringing 0161 234 8469 or by e-mailing


In addition Dominican Watchdog has contacted www.emergingearth.com as they are still advertising the Punta Perla project on their website, despite the fact that not a single home has yet been build three years into the sale of the project. Emerging Earth is also mentioned in this document filed with the authorities in Canada against Paradiso Tropical SA and Mr. Ricardo Miranda: http://www.cudicbc.ca/pdf/enforcement/restate/redma20080514.pdf


Furthermore, I have researched more than 400 articles form the internet. The reading is definitely NOT in favor of the Punta Perla development. I hope you have requisite news for all the investors?



Just one small quote among almost thousand in the signingpig forum: "i invested in punta perla and he stole over 250 thousand dollars from me. i contacted the F.B.I. and so far no luck. he scams 1000 investors, any one have any idea how and what to do. have a lawyer but i think all money is gone"


I would like your comments before I'm contacting the Honorable Prince Albert of Monaco about his involvement in Punta Perla.



Beware that it will part of my report on real estate fraud in the Dominican Republic in accordance with my press release of  MAY 11, 2009: http://www.prweb.com/releases/realestate/dominicanrepublic/prweb2400024.htm


Thank you in advance,-




Jan Vistisen



- a nonprofit consumer protection agency


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13 May 2009 11:16 by alamred Star rating. 245 forum posts Send private message

wilma, cant find the note but did not wwd/ punta peral not annouce they had signed up the first "golfer" for golf course at punta perla. is it worth contacting that persons representatives to establish if a contract for endorsement was signed

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13 May 2009 11:44 by wilma Star rating. 49 forum posts Send private message

Hi Alarmred, it may well be worth contacting them for any information regarding a contract of endorsement. This is all so similiar to EBCC & the sports stars & the likes of Pat Cash for Taffedna Bay.

Of course Punta Perla was marketed by WWD who was run & owned by a convicted fraudster & has since disappeared..!!! and his associate is now locked up in Egypt....can anyone really believe anything regarding any of the developments..???


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13 May 2009 13:09 by jjm Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message

Does anybody know what sort of commision the franchises and the introducers recieved from ovp when we handed over our cash. Surely in light of recent events they are moraly obliged to return this money to us. My IFA advised me to take out an even bigger mortgage than necessary so my purchase would not effect my lifestyle in the build period and thereafter i could pull my deposit back. I know he recieved around 2.5k just for arranging the mortgage. Therefore if anyone has an idea of commisions paid and the split between introducer/franchisee it would be much appreciated.


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14 May 2009 09:46 by Dancing 703 Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

Hi Wilma

Thanks for posting all that info,

It just reinforces my belief that justice will not be served without this matter being escalated to an international level ie. the european parliament or interpol. The chances of that happening are virtually nil, so I think OVP directors & staff must be feeling pretty safe once the formalities of winding down are over and they move on to pastures new.


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14 May 2009 10:00 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

I think the police and the insolvency service are acting. It is not just a case of OVP getting liquidated and that's that. It's becoming a broken record now but tell them all the facts and they have to investigate. Ricardo Miranda is involved in Punta Perla and that is all kicking off. The stories and staggering. Bigger mariner, big enough for 2 cruise liners and there are certain people adamant construction has now started. (on the Sining Pig site) This is a familiar theme, as re EBCC we have heard false stories of contsruction starting (ground scrapping of EBCC site), purchases of more land and enhancement of the boundaries/more spacious site/better facilities/better rental returns before. We all got wise to this along time ago. There are a mix of die hard believers and those now convinced something is wrong at Punta Perla.  I am wondering if all the news we received was direct from Ricardo and he is key to this and OVP messed up big time by believing all was well and parted with our money which is now coming back to bite them big time. However, we do know the activities and lies of OVP and their staff and problems with lots of things they have been involved in and have done so we know they are all bad news anyway and have breached contracts and trust with millions of pounts unaccounted for. 

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27 May 2009 19:00 by Laura B Star rating. 66 forum posts Send private message

27 May 2009 08:30

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Hi all,
You may be interested in this I was sent by a "well wisher"...
Homes From Hell 2009 on ITV2 are looking for people who have had, or are having, problems with buying homes abroad for them to investigate. They asked for people to email them on homes at itv dot com  (sorry - can't put the correct link because I've posted less than 10 posts - and don't want to clog up the system just to reach 10!)
I suggest we ALL contact them…this could be the big publicity breakthrough we need and have been waiting for!


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28 May 2009 09:39 by Welsh47 Star rating. 22 forum posts Send private message

Has anyone had any joy with this?

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28 May 2009 10:59 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

can we have a "show of hands" regarding who is going to Manchester next week for the Insolvency Service vote on appoointing a liquidator. Apparently nothing will be discussed but we might be able to meet a few similary effected "clients"?

If you go all please bring proof of your payment to OVP and your contract and your passport to identify yourself as a genuine party please and not a plant from OVP, although they could just as easy make something up.

I will be going as long as there are others there to meet/talk with.


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28 May 2009 13:02 by JamesAshley Star rating. 19 forum posts Send private message

Joey 123

Why would OVP send a plant ????

It's a creditors meeting. They're invited.

Which liquidator do you intend to vote on? Do you have experience in these things?

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28 May 2009 14:25 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

James - no idea. I just don;t have any trust in them whatsoever. This comes from dealing with them since I agreed to purchase on the EBCC site. Of course if they are there then they can be asked directly what they have done with my money however as I have no idea what they all look like , I will have no way of know who I am talking to hence the wish to see some proof of who people are.

Of course the ex-OVP lot probably won't be there anyway.

Am I to believe you are mildy happy with your dealings with them James?  As for the liquidator, I assume one who can prove their experience in fraud investigation which as far as I am concerned is what we are looking at here.


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28 May 2009 15:47 by Susan&Pip Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

I agree with Joey. OVP people are watching this site and looking for clues as to what we’ll do next. I personally have put things into action that I don’t want them to know about – so haven’t put things on this site!
As people group / bond together, I have no doubt that one or more of them would try to infiltrate the group – either off their own backs or paid by one of the big boys to spy. I am in the process of setting up a group e-mail so that we swap views off line and out of sight – but I have a big problem…who is genuine and who isn’t? So whom do I invite, and whom don’t I invite? If any of you has a good way I can find out – then please let me know in a private message. Also, if you have any doubts about any of the people posting on the site that you think I should avoid “inviting” – then again – please let me know privately.

Finally, as the old saying goes… “Just because you’re paranoid – doesn’t mean they are not out to get you”


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28 May 2009 15:54 by JamesAshley Star rating. 19 forum posts Send private message

Susan & Pip

The last thing you should do is invite me. Everyone on this site believes me to be OVP, ex OVP, an OVP sympathiser or the devil incarnate.

No Joey I am not at all happy with my dealings with OVP or anyone associated with them. But in my view (which apparently isn't worth much) their biggest crime is incompitence. I don't believe that theyv'e knicked my cash. I've seen proof (for what that was worth some may say) that they paid Miranda millions and I truly believe that they've fallen foul of him. Doesn't make their conduct right but for me it's Miranda that should be pursued big time. Te chumps at OV have got Eff all left anyhow by looks of things.

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28 May 2009 16:39 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message


OVP are the crooks/con men & this is why:

1) They told the EBCC investors (or those they conned into pedling the story (agents etc -& as per the contract documentation) the money would be held in a designated client account until the build licence was granted and only then would they release the money to the developer who would issue the necessary bank guarantee to protect our money as required by Spanish Law;

2) Later they changed their minds and did whatever the hell they wanted to do and said they were just acting in line with their agency agreement;

You cannot say James, considering the above (which you know nothing about as you are related to G of M  I think as you told posters not to post on the G of M site negative matters with OVP as it was all okay(ish)) that OVP are not to blame 100% for the mess I am in. I could add more points but I don't need to.

Is it still Miranda? Unless he controlled the funds paid to OVP then it is not him I hold responsible. There does seem to be a mess over in DR with the Punta Perla site. The communication to investors is poor to put it mildly and the have been rumours of construction started (in fact OVP posted "construction pictures" of it started (which were very funny) many moons ago. It does smell and mirror EBCC in some ways - common theme is lots of bullsh8t!

Tell me I am wrong James and prove it to me. Of course, you cannot.



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28 May 2009 17:19 by DFinvestment? Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message


Hi Joey123

You make a crucial point - transferring EB&CC client funds to Miranda/Sungolf was a massive breach of contract, trust & the entire spirit of the arrangement.  It was not only OVP that stated funds would not t/f until the BL was granted (& investor funds covered by bank guarantee), Conveyancing Spain (my solicitor) also stated this to be the case within their report on the contract.

The question is, was this action done fraudulently &/or was it a criminal offence to change such a critical & fundimental point?  I think that it is & is scandalous to suggest that it's just director negligence.

As for James, his comments are so inappropriate & wayward he is not worthy of any meaningful debate - i wouldn't bother with him.





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28 May 2009 17:51 by jtms Star rating. 27 forum posts Send private message

Of course this is a breach of contract.

They didn't abide by the contract. They then agreed to pay me back by instalments which is an admission of guilt. The money has gone. It has been stolen.

The police should be dealing with this. By the time they finish their investigation the crooks will probably have moved the money elsewhere. I'm very pessimistic about seeing my money again.

The best we can hope for is prison sentences for all those involved. But I hope to meet similar people at the meeting. Maybe someone has some ideas about taking a joint action?

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28 May 2009 17:53 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

28 May 2009

Star rating

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Send private message to chalkstorm


Hi all

I appear to have lost c£60k plus costs with OVP - and also agreed to move to Morocco in the hope of recovering my money.  I've been using Maria de Castro to try and recover this for me - although I'm told my money has been traced leaving OVP, Sungolf are not talking - and as of today, Maria has advised me that the next course of action is to start an additional criminal action ( together with the civil one for cancellation) against the administrator of SUNGOLF DESARROLLO INMOBILIARIO AND UNICO INTERNATIONAL.

The last comments on her email are " We would appreciate any information you may considered useful and please, feel free to forward this information to any person who might be interested on adding his claim to this one we are preparing."

Anyone want any info, please PM me.


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28 May 2009 18:05 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

 see you next friday jtms.

We do need to ensure the police are dealing with this. Report the crime to Staffordshire Econimic Crime Unit. I will go and see them if needed face to face. They need to arrest them and take them to task.

I know one other who will be there at the meeting next Friday. Ok, we can only vote on the appointment of a liquidator but we need to ensure they will look at this from a criminal perspective and be an effective liquidator for the dosh they will earn. Please make sure you register with the IS but tell them you should not be a creditor as they have just stoien your money. The Inslovency offie is 

Official receivers Office,PIU (Manchester),2nd Floor,3 Picadilly Place,Manchester M1 3BN

0161 234 8531

You MUST register by 1 June 2009. Meeting there next Friday. Nothing will be achieved particularly at the meeting but we can all discuss an action plan.  Please bring proof of your involvement, passport/driving licence/ contract. I dont; trust anyone now.

Fingers crossed we can get them brought to justice.

Keep contributing. Have not heard from TrickyVick for a while - anything to add?


ps James - don't forget to send me proof of OVP's incompetence. In fact, maybe you are just too trusting and give people the benefit of the doubt and are just a nice chap/ess. I am therefore wondering why the interest in EBCC and the defence of OVP> If you are happish with your lot at G of M just say so and and stop contributing and leave it to us to get justice 

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