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A Spanish Village Hidden Inside a Cave
02 August 2021 @ 19:24

I'll bet whatever you want that not many people know of a place where you can literally find a village inside a cave, and if that wasn't enough, with sea views. This really was a discovery, a surprising and incredible one at that and it is most definitely a place to visit if you are in the region. Add it to your list as you will not be disappointed.

You don't have to travel very far if you are already in the Canary Islands because this remarkable place can be found on the island of La Palma. Tucked into a large cave, on an impressive cliff, we can find a small village that seems to be taken from an adventure novel. The village is called Porís de Candelaria and it is located in the most western part of the island built upon the oldest rock formations of lava on La Palma which combined with a backdrop of almost vertical cliffs make for a spectacular sight.


The meaning of its name comes from the word 'porís' which means 'jetty or natural harbour'. In it, we find white-washed houses located under a giant stone semi-dome created by the constant volcanic eruptions that the island has had over the centuries. The majority of the houses are more than 80 years old and are used by their owners during the holiday season to escape the heat.

To get to the 'secret cave village' from the town of Tijarafe, you need to follow the road that goes towards the sea, the LP-1 heading North for about 4 kilometres.


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20 September 2021 @ 00:58


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