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Ryanair to Start Charging for Hand Luggage from 1st November 2018
05 September 2018 @ 22:26

Ryanair recently announced another change to their baggage policy, and it's not great news for passengers.  Ever inventive with extracting extra cash from passengers,  from 1st November 2018, they will effectively start charging for hand luggage.  It all sounds rather confusing to me.  This is from the Ryanair website:

From 01st November 2018, non-priority customers who wish to bring a second larger wheelie bag (10kg weight) must purchase the 10kg Check-in Bag for €/£8 if purchased during the initial flight booking, or €/£10 if added online after booking up to 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. The 10kg wheelie bag must be deposited at the airport bag drop desk prior to entering security. Please be advised this new bag option is available to purchase from the 01st September 2018 for travel on/after 01st November.

Non-priority customers who have not added a bag to their booking can still purchase a 10kg wheelie bag at the airport bag drop desk for €/£20 or €/£25 at the boarding gate.

Main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and cheaper checked bag option. Additional advantages for customers will be the ability to pack more liquids into their 10kg checked wheelie bag and walk to the boarding gate 'hands free.' We have also increased the permitted size of the free small carry-on bag by 43% from 35 x 20 x 20cm to 40 x 20 x 25cm.”

How is this different from the previous carry-on bag policy? 

Previously, all non-priority customers could bring 1 (small) carry-on bag and 1 bigger (wheelie) bag free of charge. The bigger bag was tagged at the gate and put in the hold (for free). This led to the tagging of up to 120 free gate bags which caused delays to 25min turnarounds. From November, non-priority customers can only bring 1 free (small) carry-on bag – there will be no free gate bags. Only priority customers can continue to bring two free bags. (1 small carry-on + 1 wheelie bag)



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baz1946 said:
06 September 2018 @ 12:27

About time they tried to do something about passengers who bring on massive bags rather then pay hold prices, we see some bags hardly going into the lockers and a struggle to lift them, can hold up the plane, mess up other passengers, all sorts going on.

JoeyT said:
06 September 2018 @ 19:29

At least they're not charging to use the toilet yet!!

Simone233 said:
06 September 2018 @ 19:34

I hate these lot. Never fly with them now. I'd rather pay a bit more and fly with Easyjet.

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