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How to save money in Spain

How to save money in Spain, and how to find ways to save money online. Saving money is something that we are all a bit interested in. Find out how you can stop losing money on foreign exchage and currency rates and save money on foreign exchange rates instead. Find out how you can save money by an expat financial review. Learn more about expat health insurance and how you can save money on every day living expenses in Spain. You may even be able to save money on tax, and make the most out of your UK pension

How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe
30 March 2019 @ 16:51

Keeping your credit card safe is a serious matter these days. Billions are being lost to credit card fraud every year. Yet, many people seem to be only too happy to hand out their credit card details. We are increasingly reliant on our credit cards to pay for goods and services. When making payment for goods online, we don't think twice about handing over our credit card details.
Many consumers are not aware of how they can protect themselves from credit card fraud. For instance, it is only too easy to hand over your credit card details when your annual insurance policies are due or when you want to complete a purchase.
Top Tips On Keeping Your Credit Card Details Safe
There are ways in which you can make credit card less likely. Maybe one of the best ways is not to pay by credit card at all. If an online retailer accepts Paypal, this is often a more secure payment method. However, there are times when you do want to use your card. If that is so, there are a couple of steps that you can take.
Phone Them Back
When your insurance company phones you up to ask for a payment, it is a good idea to phone them back to make the payment, After all, how do you know it is your insurance company? The first thing you should do is to check that they have your insurance policy number. If they do, it is great, but it does not give you the complete picture. Many companies get hacked every day, and companies holding financial information are more likely to get hacked.
To make sure that you are actually talking to your insurance company, ask them if you could call them back. Check that the phone number given to you is associated with the company. You should also ask them to send you an email to confirm the cost of the policy. Don't be embarrassed to do – it is your money.
Check Your Statement Online
Make sure that you have access to your credit card statement online. This allows you to check on an ongoing basis to make sure that all transactions are correct. A lot of people throw away their receipts, but this is not a good idea. Check your statement a couple of times per week.
Set Up An Alert with Your Credit Card Company
Setting up an alert is another good. A lot of credit card companies allow you to download an app which records and sends you a message when someone debits your card. This is a great way of keeping an eye on your card. If you suspect fraud, give your credit card company a fraud right away.
Leaving Your Credit Card Details Online
Don't leave your credit card details with your favorite online shops. You may trust them, and they could be great, but you never know. Even the safest stores can be hacked or a member of staff may access records.
If a company insists that you leave your details with them on a permanent basis, you should ask yourself why. Some auction sites ask you to leave your credit card as a form of security or to make bidding easier, you should vote with your feet.
On top of that, you should never give your credit card to the restaurant staff. Make sure they bring the machine to your table instead.
In other words, never let your credit card out of your site, and you may even want to consider a prepaid credit card to be on the safe side. 

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