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Your Spanish Psychologist.

Your Spanish Psychologist to help you in your adjustment to Spain. Spanish Psychology in English language

Maria de Castro introduces Marta Pardo to the EOS world‏
Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 5:24 PM

Dear All:

Yes, it is me. Maria de Castro and no, I am not a psychologist...

I know Marta Pardo since her very early years ( 4 years old). She is the daughter of a great surgeon and friend of my family and is a very...... beautiful.... Spanish...... psychologist.

As she is starting her profesional career, she came to see me ( I love mentorship) to study some work possibilities in the Family Law field.... then... I realized how helpful and useful she could be by providing some psychological orientation to you, EOS members in your journey to our  lands, our  culture, our society and our idiosincrasy .

I am fully sure that she will be a great "asset" to EyeonSpain.

Welcome in Marta.... just let you know who you are now and think you are among friends.

Best wishes,


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