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Property Deposit Reclaim In Spain

I am one of the many people who put a deposit on an off plan property in Spain, only to find several years on that I had no property and a very tough fight on my hands to reclaim my deposit. I have joined together with others on the same development who are in a similar situation and together we are working with Spanish Lawyers to take appropriate legal action. Some of the group members simply don't want their property now because it was not what it was supposed to be in the first place (like facilities were not put in place that were promised at the time they paid their deposits). This blog gives snippets of our journey and presents some key lessons learnt. We hope for a positive outcome some day, in fact some have had their money back already! The rest of our group are now taking action. We have learnt a lot of lessons along the way as to how to get your money back (and avoid having the lawyer take most of it from you on success!).

Ocean View Scandal Exposed (again!)
28 February 2011 @ 14:03


Article from Olive Press...good to see there is some pressure for people in high places to account for all this mess. This is just one of the scandalous property cases that went on in Spain. Sometime not even the Spanish at the centre of it, it has to be said...

Spanish Ocean View that never was

February 23, 2011  Olive Press

NEARLY 100 British families have filed for fraud after being embroiled in a property scandal in Estepona.

They accuse a trio of British estate agents of illegally taking deposits for the so-called Costa del Sol Estepona Country Club. In total over seven million euros was put down for 395 luxury apartments, which never had planning permission.

The company Ocean View did not even own the land, which is classified as rustic.

The trio, David Stewart, Robert Parkes and Colin Thomas must answer charges alongside Spanish promoter, Ricardo Miranda Miret.

The victims, mainly from Northern Ireland, paid between 70,000 and 80,000 euros to the company between 2005 and 2006.

Two of the investors paid over a million euros each.

Marbella lawyer Antonio Flores explained that 68 of the 90 victims are linked to the Estepona case, with the rest in the Dominican Republic and Morocco.

He is calling for Prince Albert of Monaco to give evidence as he participated in a promotional event linked to Ocean View. The president of the Dominican Republic has also been called to testify.


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Jane said:
21 January 2013 @ 15:15

I have read today in an article in the spanish newspaper El Pais that the Judge has rejected the case against Ocean View Properties started by Jose Emilio Ruz Coronado, the magistrate of the case because his brother is linked with alleged fraud of Miranda Miret.

I have been a victim of this company and I am finding it difficult to get my money back.

I don't know know how many people have been victims of this fraud like myself. Please let me know if any of you know what to do now or if anyone has any answers to this. I would appreciate your help.


Peter said:
27 January 2013 @ 13:42

Hi Jane, please email me direct so I can get some more details and can pass them on in case that will be of help to you. I would need to know more details but yes there are a LOT of people been affected...strange thing is that Government is not interested...we would have to all get together to make a noise load enough to be heard! We are too fragmented as buyers to get the attention this serious matter deserves... UK citizens have lost multimillions to Spain... and all this money should have been protected by law! Many lawyers in Spain are now making a mint out of court cases that will never get our money back even though the so-called win the case! Almost Fraud too if you ask me...leads to the same thing which is forking more money out and getting nothing back! You should be able to get my email address on this blog for direct contact.

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