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Eye on Mallorca

Let's have a closer look at the number 1 holiday island in Europe. Mallorca is an open-air museum of cultural heritage dating all the way back to before the Bronze Ages. The island exhibits and manifests the many Spanish cultural eras in its architectural stylistics , the food and regions. Read this blog if you want to know about the secrets of this amazing island.

4 monasteries you must see on Mallorca
30 December 2017

Mallorca is home to more than hundred different monasteries that has been occupied since the early Middle Ages. Most of these monasteries have been built on top of mountains and hills because back in the 1300's, it was believed that living in a higher altitude would save you from the plague and black death that harassed Europe at this time.

The situation of the Mallorcan monasteries is indeed one of the things that makes them so spectacular to visit. But if you really want an authentic experience, you can actually book a stay on these monasteries. I have tried 3 of them just for a single night and it was amazing, mainly because of the sunrise from the top of the mountains. Having breakfast on a terrace overlooking Mallorca with the sun rising in the horizon is indescribable


Must see monasteries of Mallorca

1. Santuari de Lluc

The Lluc Monastery is by far the most popular and spectacular monastery on Mallorca. Actually, it is one of the most popular monasteries in the world. Thousands of pilgrims travel to Lluc every year by the old pilgrimage paths on Mallorca leading here. Lluc was founded in the 1500's, when a shepherd boy found a sculpture of the virgin Mary in a small cave in the mountain slopes. The boy brought this sculpture to the priest who put it in the local chapel for worship. However, the sculpture kept disappearing returning to its cave in the mountain slope, until the day that Lluc was founded and gave the sculpture a place to rest properly. Today, you can visit this sculpture, that is placed in a hidden chamber and decorated with a carpet of rubies. You will find the sculpture behind the main church inside the Lluc monastery. Lluc is also home to an exciting ethnological museum exhibiting artifacts, tools, furniture and art from Mallorca, all the way back from Roman times on the island (123 BC).


2. Santuari de Cura

Cura is situated at the summit of the mountain of Randa, in the area of Algaida east of Palma. The history of Cura has great importance to the Mallorcan people, because this place was the studies of the famous Catalan philosopher, Ramon Llull, who was the first man ever to write an entire book in the Catalan language. Llull was a preacher who was determined to convert heathens into believers and also owned and taught from his monastery of Miramar in Valldemossa. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the neighboring island of Ibiza from Santuari de Cura, a truly amazing sight.


3. Real Cartuja

The old Charterhouse of Valldemossa offers a rich history to indulge in. The palace was originally built back in the 1300's , when it functioned as a hunting palace and summer residence for the king. Up through the Middle Ages, the palace was owned by the Carthusian monks, who owned it until the middle of the 1800's. The Real Cartuja became famous after the winter of 1838-39, when Polish componist Frederic Chopin and French writer, George Sand came to seek shelter here. The couple came to Mallorca because of the mild climate that they hoped to have a positive effect on Chopin’s illness (tuberculosis). However, the couple was thrown out of the monastery when the local congregation found out that the two was not married. Today, the Real Cartuja is home to the municipality museum of Valldemossa and the museum of Chopin and Sand, thus you will of course explore the old royal palace in depth.


4. Santuari de Sant Salvador.

The Sant Salvador monastery is situated at the summit of a mountain outside the town of Felanitx on the eastern part of Mallorca. Sant Salvador is may not offer as much exciting history as many of the other monasteries, but still, it offers something very unique. Besides from the monastery itself, the Sant Salvador is renown for its amazing stone cross standing on an attached mountain top. The cross measures amazing 11 metres, and when the sun sets in the late afternoon the cross creates a beautiful shadow and silhouette. The Sant Salvador is absolutely a must-see sight on Mallorca.

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