Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Adana animal rescue centre

For today's webisode of The Siesta Show we visited the animal rescue centre, Adana, based in Estepona. We were really impressed by the commitment of the volunteers there. They work incredibly hard looking after 150 abandoned dogs that they have rescued.

But, they could do with more help and more money. Can you help?

Watch today's webisode about Adana

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watch our video on churros and chocolate

We went down to sunny Estepona today to record today's episode of The Siesta Show. It's all about churros con chocolate. We even managed to film the lady there making them in a very noisy churreria. We actually quite enjoyed doing today's episode, our first one out and about.

You can watch it here.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Octopus and buñuelos at the Feria in Estepona

After what has been a pretty depressing week, with the news of the developer San Jose in serious financial touble, I was quite relieved to be going to the feria in Estepona last night. The kids were beside themselves with excitement.

It's quite a small feria but it's gone enough rides to satisfy most kids (and adults). Me, I prefer the food!

Growing up in Gibrlatar, we used to go every year to the feria in La Linea and even as a child I always used to look forward to "pulpo asado". It's quite traditional to eat this barbecued octopus at the feria. It's made on what looks (usually) like and old dirty barbecue, but I assume that's what adds to the taste!

If you've never tried it then you must the next time you go to a feria. It really is so good. They put loads of lemon on it and although it's not cheap it's worth every cent. I paid 15 Euros for this lot last night:

OK, so it doesn't look great but you just HAVE to try it.

Then, once you've devoured all that you'll need something sweet. It's time to tuck into some "buñuelos". These are like mini doughnuts and you can coat them in chocolate sauce! If you haven't tried buñuelos in Spain then again....try them...they really are that good. This lot cost me 2 Euros at the fair last night:

By this point you're probably thinking that I only go the feria for the food.....erm...yeah! Oh...and to take the kids of course!

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