Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bricolaje not my cup of tea

Bricolaje is Spanish for "DIY". Anyone that knows me knows that if something needs doing and there isn't a computer involved then I'll make as many excuses as possible to get out of it.

But today I didn't need much pushing really. We bought loads of spot lights and bathroom fittings for the new house the other day so this morning I decided I would indulge in a spot of bricolaje for the afternoon. Susan was taking the kids to see some friends so perfect opportunity.

Well, that was five hours ago. Over the past five hours all I've managed to do is put up two spot lights, eat some furitella sweets, smoke a cigar and moan about my back. Hmm, Susan will be disappointed.

So after my rather unproductive effort to get the work on the new house going I think I'm going to resign myself to let the experts do it all. They're starting on Tuesday. Me, I'll be back behind my PC! Oh yeah!



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