Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A very quiet Andalucia Day

Yesterday was Andalucia Day here in the south of Spain. To be honest, I thought in true Spanish tradition they would have been a real day of it with fiestas etc. But no. Quite the contrary really. It was exceptionally quiet. There were barely any activities organised, the streets and roads were deserted and it seems everyone just stayed at home relaxing!

Maybe it's because that's what the Spanish do so well in Andalucia...relax. When we lived in England we lead quite fast-paced lives (not quite London commuter fast though) and it has really taken some time to slow down to the "preferred" pace in the South of Spain. I still get irritable in supermarkets and banks where the pace is sometimes approaches that where you could be certified dead. I think I still need to work on relaxing a somewhat more.

And why are most bank holidays in the middle of the week? Must slow down....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick ┬┤hello┬┤this is Marion - I live several months of the year in Casares Costa and Im goin by bus to Manilva tomorrow - hoping to get a bit of Andalucia Day atmosphere! Hope its not as quiet as you suggest - cant get to Casares (ist choice)and back by bus on the same day - so its sunny Manilva!!!
Keep blogging!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I aint no techno but it was good to discover your blog as I hope to create one for my adventures here in sunny Sabinillas! Im off to Manilva by bus tomorrow for Andalucia Day and I hope it isnt as quiet as you say - cant get to Casares and back in the same day - so Im hopeful that Manilva will come up with some Spanish atmosphere Keep blogging!Marion

3:52 PM  

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