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Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

Developer Taray
Total Number of Reviews 13
Average Rating - Build Quality 3.5
Average Rating - Overall Service 3


Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

RespondentDevelopmentBuild on Schedule or Completed on Time?Rating - Build QualityRating - Overall ServiceRecommend to a Friend?Comments
148Hacienda San CayetanoYes33Yeswe are hopeful that it will complete on time and as far as we can see from other postings on the site feel confindent we made the right choice.
179BalsicasYes55YesExcellent finish good quality products and good builders
217Hacienda San CayetanoYes44YesStill early days but the quality of work appears excellent.
256Hacienda San CayetanoNo41Yes 
292Torre AlcantaraYes33YesDue for completion in June 2007 but your forum members say the development is 2 months behind schedule. Amba Sun say they cannnot gain access to the site until works are complete. The developer has sent 1 progress updated which was very basic. We are scheduled to spend 2 weeks there in March on a fact finding exercise
342Hacienda San CayetanoNo33Yes 
355Hacienda San CayetanoNo31NoWhen we reserved our Villa in October 2005 we were told that the building licence was imminent and that the villa would be complete in June 2007. The contract also states June 2007. So far we have been given nothing but excuses and have been told since reservation that the buidling licence will be through in a matter of weeks. So far we have been told the delay is down to solar panels, not enough green areas, water shortages etc etc and the list goes on. Why can they not just be honest with people? If we had known that it was going to be this much hassle with this many lies and excuses we most definately would not have bothered. We are still not convinced that it will actually happen. Nobody at Peinsa seems interested and they all tell you a different story. We can only hope that if the villa actually materialises the quality etc will make up for all this crap. There is no wonder spanish builders get a reputatio for being cowboys
491Hacienda San CayetanoYes33Yes 
509Hacienda San CayetanoYes22Yes 
604Residencial AmaroYes55Yes 
635Hacienda San CayetanoYes54YesAlthough completion is scheduled for March 2008 all the reports we have had indicate this builder has a very good repatation
691Hacienda San CayetanoYes33Yesso far excellent service but house is not built yet. should be up to a high standard like the show house
878Hacienda San CayetanoYes32YesI wanted no. 21 and was told on the phone that it was available, the next day when I rang the Spainish office, it was sold. After 3 mnths of reserving the plot without collecting a deposit from the idiot who reserved it, it went back on the market, they still refused to transfer my property that I've reserved from No. 27 to No. 21 and I was told it was sold.

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