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REVIEWED:  Grupo_Masa

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Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

Developer Grupo_Masa
Total Number of Reviews 11
Average Rating - Build Quality 3.2
Average Rating - Overall Service 1.8


Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

RespondentDevelopmentBuild on Schedule or Completed on Time?Rating - Build QualityRating - Overall ServiceRecommend to a Friend?Comments
80Sierra SolfNo43YesThe buil is very overdue and to get contact with them is very difficult
135Sierra GolfNo41NoPut deposit down nearly 3 years ago. Development running well over a year late.
221Sierra GolfNo21NoYears late, no updates or news from developer or agent. No reasons ever given for delay. 50% of purchase price in their bank account for years. Tried to withdraw from contract. No help from agent or solicitor. Now waiting to complete.......who knows when.
296Sierra GolfNo41NoThis build is now nearly 3 years overdue,we first paid our deposit 4 1/2 years ago and there has been excuse after excuse,there has been a fight amongst directors and now the two left are russians and are trying to get everyone to complete without the ocupation licence,i first gave my snag list to them in oct2005 it was october 2006 before they finished it and then that was done by an handyman they enploy,only becuase i was on holiday in oct2006 and said i may possibly complete whilst in spain.They rushed around like blue arsed flies and didnt finish the snag list of 48 items so i didnt complete i must admit i was impressed by the work rate of the russian handy man but he had limitations and was reluctant to tackle some jobs,outside there is problems like a gym promised by the developer when selling but 2 years later says he wont provide the equip the gym also as promised.When i signed up for an apartment on the finca san antonio complex i signed for a very nice select development,of what i want to be part of but we all need HELP if you could provide us with a little it would be a fantastic story for you.I have loads and loads of information if you want to ring me i can provide you with a very good story that most people in and around mijas wisper about, and i have got to know all the other prospective buyers and also those that have been foolhardy enough to complete on a promise that the ocupation licence is coming "any day now" , my telephone number is 00447977504469 or uk 01782502828 or please pass our potentialy good news story to watchdog or the bbc or cnn(sounding a bit like that sports reporter when norway beat england at football) Thank you and look forward to hearing from you Tony Owen.
305Sierra GolfNo31NoAtlas need to talk to these builders, but they know nothing about customer service.
315Sierra GolfYes33Yesthe builder is expensive if you want any extra's sockets/phones/grills
350Sierra GolfYes44YesNot bad quality and finished on time (due to penalty clause in contract) but lacking somewhat in aftersales service.
472Sierra GolfNo41NoInitial build completion completely wrong, later info way out, no current info as to handover date- overall poor.
549Sierra GolfNo32YesThe completion date is now at least 18Months late although ,to be fair,this is a brand new development and we also understand that things have been held up by the Town Hall,both in the planning stage and in the completion
705Monte y Mar Gran AlacantYes32No 
784CamposolNo11NoMasa are totally out of control of their workforce/contractors and their attitude is 'take it or leave it'. Our property was 18 months late with no compensation offered.

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