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REVIEWED:  Medsea Estates

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Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

Estate Agent Medsea Estates
Total Number of Reviews 26
Average Rating - During the Buying Process 3.9
Average Rating - After Deposit Paid 3


Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

RespondentLocationRating - Buying ProcessRating - After Deposit PaidAgent Still in Business?Recommend to a Friend?Comments
73Torrevieja55YesYeswe found every single member of their staff completely professional,efficient,helpful & friendly from start to finish & beyond & we would have no hesitation in recommending them
178Vera55YesYesHave kept us updated with reports & photos.
299Torrevieja22YesNoThe Deposit was paid in May 2006 with Formal contract to be drawn up in July 2006 and Completion Dec 2007. To be fair we haven't paid any additional money but the Developer has not got agreement to build yet !!!! False promises and expectations by the agent although they are genuinely nice people to deal with!
355Costa Calida51YesNoAlthough our agent very kindly agreed to supply us and our friends who are buying next door to us with white goods we were promised weekly updates on the development by email or telephone. So far the only time they have contact us after paying our reservatio fee is to remid us tht we had to make our first payment! Since then they have not contacted us once. we have had to continually contact them for updates. The staff are very nice but we are most annoyed that we have not received the service we were promised prior to paying our deposit and first payment. We have had to contact them every time. We had to push and push and push for them to get the bank guarantee for us. We appreciate that there isnt always much to tell us but a simple email saying sorry no further information available this week would suffice but to just completely ignore us makes us really angry. it makes us even more annoyed when we read on your forums the comments other people make on how brilliant there agents have been in keeping in contact with them.
366Vera11YesNoNot enough contact,not enough information,four completion dates,up to now.
535Vera41YesNoBasically once they have your money they no longer seem to offer a service, even though they rate their aftersales as superb!
539Vera43YesYesNo real chance yet to rate agent's after-sales service as developer, KeyMare, is running four months late.
604Torrevieja55YesYesWe have bought through this agent on two occasions and there is never any pressure. The consultants are professional and friendly.
638Vera44YesYesvery good company great aftersales and if planning inspection trip ask for colin hulme great fella
642Torrevieja33YesYesThe agents were pleasant and helpful and I wonder if they knew the status of the Almanzora Country Club development, i.e. that it was not legal.
671Vera42YesNoNo regular updates, i have found out more from eye on spain. Has taken me on average 3 mails to get an answer, not good and will not use again.
703Torrevieja31YesNoPoor property updates whilst the propert was being built. Very poor help in providing support & information during the final stages of completing the purchase.
733Calpe55YesYesExceptionally helpful and kept us in contact.
874Costa Blanca54YesYesTried to keep my dealings to the gent that helped at the buying process, Patrick Harris what an excellent guy, yes I helped him hit his sales target but what he did for me was to find the perfect property where I had holiday for years with my family, thanks Patrick.

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