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Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

Estate Agent 1Casa
Total Number of Reviews 12
Average Rating - During the Buying Process 4.9
Average Rating - After Deposit Paid 4.9


Ratings are on a scale from 1 - 5 with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Excellent".

RespondentLocationRating - Buying ProcessRating - After Deposit PaidAgent Still in Business?Recommend to a Friend?Comments
327Alora44YesYesSo far they have been fine kept in contact with us and never pushed for the next 20% payment and also got us a good rate of 1.50 for the transfer
654Alora55YesYesFrom start to finish they were honest, reliable and efficient. They go the extra mile in terms of service, held my hand through the whole process and offered continuing help after completion. The best estate agent that I have ever dealt with.
674Alora55YesYesHellish good deal I did with these guys, nice to deal with and funny at times too, not your usual agent I think, they even got me a deal on a used car. Looking at buying again and they have already offered to sell mine for nothing if I buy from them again, cant beat that.
676Alora55YesYesBien agencia, muy interese en mio, no en vendido una casa no perfecto o mala, tengo una cliente mas para compra casa con esta impresa. mi gusta 1casa
681Alora55YesYesWe like this company, they spent time with me and my mum, not pushy or insistent like others we went to, we wanted to buy a project we had seen for £25,000 needing lots of work, in the end they found us a better one with less work for a bit less money too, good service, highly recommended
685Alora55YesYesThey are a lovely bunch of people, we have bought two now from here, the dearest is only £31.000, cant praise them enough, good to deal with, go out there way to keep you satisfied.
686Alora55YesYesFantastic support both during and after the purchase. All the staff showed great patience during the purchase, explained the process and 'held our hand' right through to the sighning and handing over of keys.
754Alora55YesYesvery professional, efficient and courteous, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone.
876Alora44YesYesFriendly helpful service throughtout the process.
879Alora55YesYesexcellent service throughout.Also handled sale of property for me,yet again excellent service.Would definately recommend
885Alora55YesYesAfter my experience with 1 casa, some of my friends are seriously thinking about following me. These are the same friends who spent a lot of time repeating the horror stories from the press about Spain to me in the past. But they are so impressed by the ease with which I bought my house with your help that they are filled with a new confidence as well.
886Alora55YesYesThey did me proud when we bought in spain, organised it all, really happy with them all, ,cristina even sorted out some special lamps Janet needed, reelly excellent agent

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