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28 Aug 2015 19:00:

I am wondering whether I can park for free all day and night on the street in the Extramurs area of Valencia and is it difficult to find such a space and safe to leave there?

Thread: Parking on the street for Free all day / night in Extramurs, Valencia?

24 Aug 2015 17:09:

I've not been to Valencia before but when I go to Malaga and Alicante I always use the same trusted car hire companies, they tend to be smaller local companies that have a fair fuel policy, don't take a massive deposit and have a reasonable priced daily excess insurance charge. I am looking for the same kind of car hire firm at Valencia airport and wonder if anyone can give me the name of a trusted company who isn't going to charge me over the top for a full tank of fuel, a huge daily excess insurance charge etc etc as alot of reviews I have read are really negative so need to find the right company. Thanks!

Thread: Valencia car hire companies that won't rip me off!

30 Jul 2015 18:06:

Thanks Mac75, I am looking into places to stay in that area now. I think we may have decided just to stay in the city for the entire week but to hire a car for the last few days to tour around the coast and inland, however, before we do, is it OK driving around Valencia? My Husband does the driving and has been fine driving round Malaga and Alicante so should he be OK? Also, do you think that most places we would look at staying would have car parking? Is parking a problem on the streets?

Thanks, you have been a great help again.

Thread: Ideas for towns to stay in within 45 mins of Valencia and info on Valencia itself...

29 Jul 2015 16:51:

It is our first time flying to Valencia, we usually go to Malaga or Alicante airports and have been up as far as Denia.

This time we are planning on spending the first 4 nights in Valencia city itself as it looks like a lovely city and then we plan on hiring a car and driving somewhere within 45 mins to stay for the other 3 nights. We will probably go on AirBnb and find private apartments to stay in as we prefer that to hotels. So, firstly which parts of the city are good to stay in and safe to stay in with plenty of bars and restaurants? I've heard that the Colon area is the best but am open to more ideas.

Secondly, where is a nice town to stay in with 45 mins of Valencia airport? We prefer more non tourity places with lots of tapas bars and a lively nightlife (bars and restaurants). We have looked into Gandia and even though the beach looks lovely it loks as though there are alot of highrise buildings so not sure we would like that so any other ideas would really be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Thread: Ideas for towns to stay in within 45 mins of Valencia and info on Valencia itself...

29 Jan 2013 16:09:

 I am looking for ideas for a nice town to stay in up to an hour inland from Malaga airport. We always stay along the coast but thought that in March as its not as though we can use the beach we would go inland.

We have visited Ronda many times but it is a little too far and having been there before we would like to try somewhere different. We would like a pretty town where we can wander out every night and find plenty of tapas bars and maybe a restaurant or two, somewhere with some (Spanish) life.

Any ideas would be great then I can start looking at owners direct etc at houses to rent!


Thread: Towns inland an hour from Malaga ideas please!


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