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20 Jul 2011 21:16:

It's not just the full/full policy that causes the concern but the price that is being charged for a full tank. i recently hired a car from Goldcar at Murcia and was charged €78 for a full tank. Fortunately, I had a lot of travelling to do and ran the petrol tank down and toppedit up again. It cost me €50. So €28 pure profiteering.

Normally I hire in Malaga where I use Helle Hollis who are excellent. As a member of their Owners Club they have all my details, give me priority fast lane service and allow a return full policy which means I only pay for the fuel I use. It's not acceptable that some are worse than others on this. If they put customers first they'd stop making a profit out of this unfair fuel policy.

Thread: Full / Full fuel policy on car hire Murcia

18 Jul 2011 19:04:

I wouldn't trust any state guarantees in Spain whatsoever and I base this on the collapse of the Icelandic banks. I opened accounts with Kaupthing Edge and Icesave as they were recommended by Martin Lewis the guy that's often on TV and on http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/. I was re-assured by the fact that the banks were backed with a guarantee from the Icelandic Government so in the case of problems I had a cast iron guarantee to get my money back. Well, they did go bust and the Icelandic Government honoured their guarantee but only to Icelandic citizens - not a penny for foreign investors until Brown threatened and seized their assets and compensated British investors.

Lesson learned. I don't trust our own politicians let alone foreign ones. I don't need to re-iterate the way that people, who regularly contribute on here, have been treated so outrageously by the Spanish Government and the Spanish banks in relation to guarantees. I know Spain and Iceland are different in that Spain is fully in the EU but I don't play Russian Roulette with my hard earned cash.

I maintain only sufficient funds in my Spanish accounts to meet the bills I have to pay on our place. I know the banks are offering some good savings deals in Spain in order to recapitilise. TJ222's threads are a good read on this as are the articles online in the Telegraph and Guardian all of whom seem to be stating that things are far to volatile to take any risks at the moment, particularly this week following the bank stress tests and the crucial EU Leaders meetings later in the week.


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Thread: Is it a good idea holding large amounts of cash in Spanish banks?

17 Jul 2011 23:48:

The new station is totally operational and open. Everyone now exits the airport via the newTerminal 3 onto a large concourse. Simply head diagonally left across the large concourse immeditaely outside Terminal 3 and follow the signs to the station. It's around 150 metres from the Terminal to the Station. Trains from Malaga towards Fuengirola are 17and 47 minutes past the hour. All other details are here




Thread: Malaga Airport Cercanias Station

03 Jul 2011 12:39:

Thanks for the links which are fantastic. I love to see what things used to be like.


Here's a link to a few pictures of Benalmadena, Arroyo de la Miel and Torremolinos from around 1987 which I've been able to collect. Things have changed sooooo much!



Thread: Eye on Spain

20 Jun 2011 12:16:

Seeing that our requests not to impose charges on Nationwide Debit Card withdrawals abroad was totally ignored and imposed, now comes the time to let the Board of Directors know what we think of the way they run "our" business as they say it is a building society run by and for the members. AGM voting packs arrived this morning for me and my wife. It's easy to do as you can vote either online or by post.

I've voted in a way that reflects my dissapointment with the decision and I hope many others let Nationwide know how we feel about being ignored. I realise that its a drop in the ocean but I stayed with Nationwide to wait for the chance to have my say. 

Thread: Nationwide changes


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