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03 Aug 2015 23:18:

Horses for courses as they say.  Everyone has their own reasons for buying wherever they have and this game of rubbishing other people's places, or one upmanship, is really not helpful.  We all have different tastes and no one should be talking them down.

There are so many people that have lost their life savings during this crash, whoever they are and wherever they bought, and that is the saddest thing.  Some of us on the forum are lucky enough to have our places and enjoy them.  Why can't that be a good thing.

Thread: urbanización Camposol de Mazarrón

17 May 2015 14:37:

Try John Lester at JML Pools, he's excellent.


Thread: Pool Cleaner & Gardener Needed Murcia

29 Oct 2012 11:36:

I agree that is a beautiful area, but it is much colder and wetter than Murcia.  Just flying into Alicante or San Javier airports you will see that it is at or about Alicante where the countryside changes to a far more arid and less green appaearance.  There's a reason for that - the climate.  Murcia is the driest region with the warmest consistent temperautures. 

Thread: New to site.

22 Jul 2011 22:31:

Hi Brian, please be careful and do as much research as you can.  It can be horrible when people sharing a property fall out as well as all of the points that Justin has raised.

A few other things to check out are the additional charges for changing names on mortgages.  Sometimes the provider will insist on cancelling the existing mortgage and applying for a new one - at a % of the total cost - more money.  Tax implications on each person and what happens in default.  All debts in Spain remain with the property not the person, so it could be quite precarious without the legal binding agreement. 

Maybe Smiley or one of EOS other mortgage experts can help you more.  Good luck.

Thread: Shares in a property

22 Jul 2011 22:18:

Here we go again............

This is exactly why people don't bother to post anymore.

Positive views of any sort just have to be interrupted to remind us all how bad Spain really is.

Well, the news is - that it's just not news.  Not anymore, and it wasn't before. 

Spain has always been the same, and the Spanish will tell us so quite clearly. 

Many of us have suffered in many different ways through buying or trying to buy in Spain, but don't feel the need to constantly try and burst everyone's bubble all of the time.

Many of us have signed all the petitions and joined all the calls for justice, but if we don't join in the criticism we're accused of not understanding or not being supportive.  So we just don't post, pity, as this was always a brilliant forum.  Thanks for all the positive stories and keep them coming.


Thread: When did it all go wrong for some


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